Faculty Spotlight

Ms. Susan Brown
Posted on 04/14/2017

Susan Brown

Hometown:  Jacksonville, Illinois

Family: My husband Andy and I have 4 kids:  a 15-year old daughter, 9-year-old twins (1 boy, 1 girl), and a 4 year old son.

College Attended and Degree (s): I attended Illinois College after high school, then recently completed my BA in English and Secondary Ed at Mary Baldwin University.

Position:   I'm currently an Instructional Aide, but I student-taught English at Stuarts Draft High School last fall.  

Best Part of Waynesboro High School: The awesome people I work with every day!

Your Favorite Teacher and Why:   My high school trig teacher, Mr. McClintock.  I still remember that the derivitive of the sine is sine/cosine/cosine/sine, because he made up a song to help us remember.

Your Favorite Food:  Ice cream, of course.

Favorite Quote or Saying:  From my daughter when she was 5:  "I still love you, even when you're mad." 

 Hobbies or Activities You are Active InI love to read and write--I'm actually working on a novel.  Watch for publication in about 2047!

Accomplishments or Honors You Have Achieved That You are Proud of:   Finally finishing my teaching degree as a mom of 4!

Something Most People Don't Know About You:  I don't think I'm much of a mystery, really!


  Christopher Johnson

Hometown:  Bremerton, WA

Family:  Amelia (wife), Buffalo (3 Yrs), and Ivor (2 Weeks)

College Attended and Degree (s):  Brigham Young University BA History/History Teaching, Catholic University of America MA History - Emphasis on Late Antiquity and Medieval Europe

Position:   World History I, AP Government

Best Part of Waynesboro High School: I think the students are genuinely nice people and I really enjoy interacting with them each day

Your Favorite Teacher and Why:   From my own educational excperience? Mr. Russell was my 5th grade teacher and made me want to teach, and it was Mr Thorsen who made me want to teach history while I was in High school.

Your Favorite Food:  Brazilian Churrasco

Favorite Quote or Saying:  "Be excellent to each other" - Bill and Ted"

 Hobbies or Activities You are Active InI like woodworking, blacksmithing, and playing music. I'm not particularly skilled at any of it, but I sure do enjoy it!

Accomplishments or Honors You Have Achieved That You are Proud of:   The accomplishment I am most proud of is volunteering as a missionary for my church for 2 years in Brazil (which is what introduced me to my favorite food...)

Something Most People Don't Know About You:
  I was in a band in college and the bands Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons both at one point opened for us.

January-February 2017 Faculty Spotlight

Ms. Benson

Name:  Christine Benson

Hometown:  Staunton, VA

Family:  My family includes my significant other, Mike; our dog, Zooey; and our three cats, Toby, Maddy, and Pip

College Attended and Degree (s):  I attended and graduated from Mary Baldwin College and earned my Bachelor's of Arts in English

Position:   I have taught English (all grade levels) and Reading.  Because of the constant changes, I always tell my students that I'll be teaching math or science "next year."

Best Part of Waynesboro High School:  I love the camaraderie of the students and faculty  

Your Favorite Teacher and Why:  
I have two favorite teachers:  Ms. Graber and Mr. Hahn.  These two English teachers allowed so much freedom of thinking and self and brought the literature of the class to life and made it interesting.  Because of them, I am an English teacher.

Your Favorite Food:  I love junk food:  French fries, pizza, and ice cream!  Pizza is definitely my comfort food.

Favorite Quote or Saying:  "Forget past mistakes.  Forget failures.  Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it."

Hobbies or Activities You are Active In:  I love reading, writing, hiking, cooking, gardening, dancing, and just overall having a good time in life.

Accomplishments or Honors You Have Achieved That You are Proud of:   I was awarded the Superintendent's First Year Teacher award in 2005.  I was so surprised because I thought I was the worst teacher 

Something Most People Don't Know About You:  
Something most people don't know about me is that I was born and spent most of my childhood in New Jersey.  My southern accent throws people off quite a bit!

Ms. Richmond

November-December 2016 Faculty Spotlight

Name:  Pam Richmond

Hometown:  Fishersville

Family:  Husband Bruce, step-kids Jennifer and Ian, twin daughters Heather and Christine (all are adults now)

College Attended and Degree (s):  BA from William and Mary

Position:   Geometry (and all levels of math except calculus in previous schools)

Best Part of Waynesboro High School:  Stresses academics while caring strongly for the individual

Your Favorite Teacher and Why:  Leslie Hellerman (among many) because she is so supportive

Your Favorite Food:  dark chocolate with sea salt; my daughter's hamburgers

Favorite Quote or Saying:  One I made up when I was about 10 years old: "Do what's right, when it's right, and how it's right."

Hobbies or Activities You are Active In:  dog rescue (driving hour-long legs of trips that save shelter dogs from high-kill shelters in the south and bring them north for (we hope) adoption

Accomplishments or Honors You Have Achieved That You are Proud of:   I was a national-board certified teacher, but I am proudest of being a wife and mom in my close-knit and strong family.

Something Most People Don't Know About You:  
I had my own cable TV show for about 3 years ("Dial-a-Teacher")--kids and adults would call in and ask math questions, getting on-air tutoring from me--I was even recognized at gas stations a couple of times and got one long fan letter!

October-November 2016 Faculty Spotlight

Name:  Dianne Truslow

Hometown:  Born in Richmond but grew up in Waynesboro

Husband Ronnie; 5 grown kids between us and 4 grandchildren

College Attended and Degree (s):  

BA Communication Arts from Carson Newman University

MEd Secondary Ed. from JMU

theatre and English

Best Part of Waynesboro High School:  
My colleagues and my students.

Your Favorite Teacher and Why:  Mrs. Susan Vass, she introduced me to theatre and led me into a path that has shaped my life.

Your Favorite Food:  PIZZA

Favorite Quote or Saying:  "I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today."

Hobbies or Activities You are Active In:  Church, community theatres, crafts

Accomplishments or Honors You Have Achieved That You are Proud of:   My two trips to Africa definitely changed my life. I dream of going back again sometime. 

Something Most People Don't Know About You:  I don't have many secrets. I tend to be pretty open. 

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